About me

What about me?

I’m Simone Rosa, and I’ve been working on “Navision” (or all the other next names of this product) since 2006, in different roles:

  • Developer
  • Help Desk
  • Functional Consultant
  • Analyst
  • Trainer
  • Project Manager

but not only:

  • Eater
  • Drinker
  • Sleeper
  • Dreamer (not only when I’m sleeping!)

I’m Italian, European, citizen of the World.


Very simple. When I met my friend Kriki – and, introducing me into this “world”, he made me know a lot of interesting things – we were used to track the code-writer in the documentation trigger using 4 characters: the first 2 from the name, and the first 2 from the surname. So… SIRO.

In my life, I never had a nickname or something like that, my name is common (in some country is a female name… but I’m a man!) and my name + surname is very long. So I decided to use that abbreviation.

Why this blog?

Why not? Maybe should have started before… but… As is used to say… Better late than never! And I hope it won’t be “better never than late!”. Other reasons are explained in my first post.

About the name “NAV..BC”… well… Because I think I’ll write only about these 2 things (or the same thing, Navision), so “fromNAV2BC”. Maybe I should write something like this:

Product.SETFILTER(“Name”, ‘NAV..BC’);  🙂

Even if probably we could start talking about services and not products and – I know – there are a lot of other things around the ERP system and connected to it… But, in this moment (November 2018), we are really moving from NAV to Business Central!


Please, forgive my English. It’s like my code… Full of beautiful bugs! 🙂