It’s a very busy period, and I think this is a common situation for all Dynamics people: generally, with a new year, companies “go live” and new projects start. A new year starts.

In my last post – unfortunately a lot of days ago – I promised more technical things, but in this moment I’ve only few minutes to write just some thoughts: I hope to bounce back very soon. But today it’s friday! 🙂

Even if I’m not a big social networker, I’ve been hit by this #10YearsChallenge viewing a lot of post with this hash-tag. If I go back ten years ago, and think to myself, a smile comes in my face: I was very young. With more hair. And I was thinner. I track years by weight: it was a lot of kilos ago. 🙂

And if we think about NAV?10years

In 2008 was released the first RTC version, NAV 2009: a big change. So, in 2009, RTC was a baby, just born, with a lot of problems and missing things: I remember, for example, that filters were missing in sub-pages. But it was an innovation. A challenge. In 2009 NAV was a good product, with the “classic” interface, and with some things that are not existing anymore, for example:

  • Client: in NAV 2009 we had both Classic and RTC client;
  • Database: in NAV 2009 we had both native and SQL database;
  • Marked-only in user interface: I loved it;
  • UI was “card-based”, now is “list-focused”.

After ten years, we can say that the world has a better product, or we should say service? We can now enjoy a lot of big improvements added in this decade; few examples:

  • Sharepoint Client / Integration;
  • Functions like:
    • Cost Accounting;
    • Cash-Flow;
    • Assembly orders;
  • Multi-tenants;
  • Web Client: this is for me the key for everything.

Thanks to Web Client we can now have Business Central: the cloud revolution. And we can also have features like app and multi-devices access, integration with Power Platform, extensions or APIs: things to make us change the world!

But the real question is: what’s the challenge for the next 10 years?

Looking forward to see the NAVPeople timeline in 2029!

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