The power of a great community!

Today is November 30. And this is my first blog post of my life. One month ago I was attending Directions EMEA 2018. One week ago it was the last day of NavTechDays 2018. Great events. A lot of news. A lot of stuff to understand. A lot of people.

The NavTechDays 2018 community!

Attending this kind of events gives me energy but even lets me think: are we ready? I don’t really know, I hope so. But if we’re not ready, we’ll be! The only thing I’m sure about, in this moment, is that during my return flight from Belgium, I had my mind full of things and questions… And a voice: “Try to do something more..”.

Some friends are asking me to start a blog since some years, other people to share my experiences, but last Sunday this post from Mark’s blog hit me. I was totally agree and this sentence triggered me: “I encourage everyone to do the same. Start sharing code and start blogging. We desperately need blogs with real content…”. I don’t know if I will able to share good code or real content, I hope so – we’ll see – but I realized how we all need this kind of things.

I know, Mark is a “big one”, very expert, and there are already many skilled bloggers, but anyone can help in a different way.

(On the right… Is it necessary?) Mark Brummel and me in a funny photo, almost 3 years ago. I told you, Mark is a BIG ONE!

Honestly I’m not sure about my contents, maybe someone will appreciate and someone else won’t: I only hope it will be a contribute for someone, like meeting new people, with different mindset, is a contribute for me. I’ve attended few conferences, but every time I met new people that gave me something.


It was my third time at TechDays, but this year has been different. Maybe because things are changing, or because a new “world” is starting and we’ll have to fit the gap. I don’t know. But I know this is a real “breakthrough”, at least for me. If I think about my almost 13 years of experience in NAV, I never had this kind of sensations before. And I think I’m not the only one.

Just think about the attendees. More than 1400! My first time, only 2 years ago, we were in 1000. And if I think about Italians, in the past never more than 5 or 6 persons.. This year 19! Unbelievable! And I think the reason is the same: everything is changing. But we’re the same. And we have a lot of common things.

If I think about all the people I know in NAV (or Navision, or Business Central, call it as you want) world, I believe the most of us – at least who attends this kind of conference – has the same P&P. Passion & Problems. And only if we share our passion and our problems – yes, we all do have the same ones, talking about job! – we can help each others. We are very lucky: we do a job that we love – even if often is hard and stressing – but we are not alone. We have thousand of colleagues! I think that, even tough we work in different companies or countries, we are all colleagues, and our skills can make the difference.

A focused (and passionate) guy. 🙂

Who we are?

I’m realizing this thing late. I should have shared more and before. But a new era is starting now. As Erik & David said in their session, Navision professionals are supposed to be almost 150.000 in the world, but we expect a growth to 300.000 in some years! Don’t you think that a company with 300.000 employees can be very powerful?

Anyone of us has different experiences, attitudes, skills: but all these things are driven to the same kind of jobs that we do. For example. I’m not a deep technical: I’m not one of those nerds like a super expert of JavaScript or one that perfectly knows everything about PowerShell (yes, I’m talking about them, VW! That doesn’t mean VolksWagen :)), but however I think I can contribute in my own way. Anyone can. And I’ll try. Because I believe in this community.

As some people told me, and I asked to some friends, other products – even in the Dynamics platform – don’t have this huge and active community like we do. And this isn’t a small thing. Even if sometimes companies managers do some dirty things or are always fighting against other partners, I think we all should trust in our “colleagues”, because we are all on the same ship (like we say in Italy). And and we all have the same targets and love our product.

I’m came back from Antwerp just few days ago and I’m already looking forward to next time: and, believe me, even the walking dinner can be very interesting in order to meet, share, do networking and other stimulating things. And of course, beer! In this moment I’m drinking a Belgian one and maybe now I’m drunk – I should ask Alexander to test my alcohol level – but – seriously – never like these days I felt this kind of gratefulness of being a part of this community.

Not a walking dinner, but even in Italy we try to create a NAV / BC community: here the 2018 dinner edition!

Forgive me Mark – if you’ll read this post – if this time I’m not sharing a good piece of code or an example to solve some problem – I’ll try to do it in future – but in this moment I believe that, step by step, this great community can give more energy and help than in the past. This can be very powerful. This can make the difference.

OT: I’ve started writing this post during breaks today. Now I’m completing it after being at cinema to see “Bohemian Rhapsody”: it’s worth the ticket!

7 thoughts on “The power of a great community!

  1. Vjeko 1 Dec 2018 / 9:06

    Well done, Simone! This is how all of us started. Good luck, and don’t give up!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jeremy Vyska 3 Dec 2018 / 8:32

    Welcome! It’s very rewarding to share and very helpful to have things shared to us, so thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kriki 3 Dec 2018 / 9:51

    A good start! Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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